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connie norman transgender empowerment center


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Part of this film is supported In part by an arts grant from the City of West Hollywood

estimated release date: JUNE 2023

The Connie explores the struggles and triumphs of the people building an empowering narrative for the transgender and non-binary community in Los Angeles, through the Connie Norman Transgender Empowerment Center, the first of its kind in the world. 

The story follows Chanel Lumiere, a black trans woman who finds herself in the role of  managing the center which is  committed to uplifting and supporting the community through mentorship, scholarship, and community care engagement work. 

At its heart, this film is highlighting that we can all be set free to own who we are and recognize our shared humanity. Celebrating uniqueness is about more than just being seen, it's about feeling fully accepted and appreciated. Following Connie's journey in LA serves as a paradigm of how our post pandemic landscapes are changing and embracing a new way of living: one where confidence supersedes fear and creativity trumps conformity. 

The film shows us that it's okay to be unique, fearlessly express ourselves, and break out of our comfort zones. Our differences are something that should be celebrated, not kept hidden away. The pandemic brought about a new perspective for many of us and it made us more fearless in finding new ways of thinking as well as embracing our identities and owning ourselves. We can learn from Connie’s journey by taking her experiences and applying them to our own lives in order to share the world with understanding, appreciation, inclusion and acceptance so we have a better tomorrow.

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