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As I write this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Many people have been in isolation for nearly five months and are hungry for reconnection and renewal.


There are few things that unite us as powerfully as the common experience of childhood and a mother’s love, expressed in so many ways but particularly in a lullaby.


For this project, women from all over the world graciously shared a piece of their intimate life with us so we could be with them in a special moment in time, in nurturing, in life. 


In addition, I wondered, "Where are these children 20 years later?" I interviewed young men and women aged 18-29 all over the world on what home meant for them? Was it food, a song, people, a place? And what were they creating for themselves and their lives in regard to a home?


It is my wish for you that you feel a sense of replenishment and rebirth as you envelop yourself in the sounds, imagery and textures of the lullabies and stories in this exhibition.


From the bottom of my heart, 


Sasha Marie Speer

Artist and Founder of SAWÜBONA

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Alexandria House

To see some of Sasha's past work visit:

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