Sasha has formed Sawubona, meaning "I See You" in Zulu as an outlet for live experiences that involve community engagement and connection through performance, conversations, and the creation of community artworks.


It is Sasha's belief that through shifting our perception we can begin to see that we as a human race have more in common than we realize, and through these shared connections we can begin to heal ourselves and our planet. 

Women of Courage I: I Am You

Part II of a two-part series created by Sasha Marie Speer and geared at finding healing and true power for women who have been through trauma. This event invited men and women to come together to experience the Native American medicine wheel as it related to relationship. Attendees were invited to bring a relationship or aspect of a relationship into the wheel in order to discover what they were missing or not letting go of in order to find the full healthy relationship or aspect they wanted. Over $100K was raised for Youth Mentoring Connection through the event.

Women of Courage II: The Wheel

Sasha was invited to create a Sawubona experience for nearly 500 women as part of the Outstanding Women's Leadership Award, celebrating achievements and contributions to non-violence.

Outstanding Women's Leadership Award Ceremony

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